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Say hello to our new CTO and Crypto Expert

Ken-Erik Ølmheim is our newest addition to the team.

He has been playing around with blockchain technology since the beginning of Bitcoin.

He is moderator and part of Norway’s biggest crypto-facebook group, with over 34.000 members. He hosts a live show everyday, and helps out the Norwegian blockchain community.

Ken-Erik – Now at the age 43. Got his first personal computer at the age of 6, and was lucky to catch the dawn of internett. With this he was able to exit high school with excellent scores in computer science and digital technology.

Ken-Erik then started in the officer candidate school, in the Norwegian Armed Forces, where he served 11 years as an Officer.

Other passion’s Ken-Erik have, is electronic music and computer gaming.

Geddit is very excited to have Ken-Erik, with his knowledge on our team.


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